The British Museum

The British Museum is a museum in the city of London. The museum is centered around the history of human civilization, and it has many historical artifacts from many time periods and locations on display.


The British Museum was first founded 1753. At the time, the majority of exhibits came from collector and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane.

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The King's Library in the Museum

Construction of the East Wing took place in between 1823 and 1828. From 1822 until 1997, the East Wing housed the King's Library, the personal library of King George III.

In 1940, during the Blitz, the Duveen Gallery was damaged by German bombing. This part of the Museum was not reopened until 1962. Other parts of the Museum were damaged throughout the year as well, though the damage was not always extensive.


The Great Court in the center of the Museum

The Great Court, in the center of the museum, is a square room with a ceiling of glass. It was first opened to the public in December, 2000.

In 2017, the British Museum received 5,906,716 visitors. This made it the most visited museum in the United Kingdom. (Second- and third-place went to the Tate Modern and the National Gallery.)

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John Dee's Aztec Scrying Mirror

The Walker's obsidian mirror


Ironhand Edit

The Walker, accompanied by the Raven, breaks into the King's Library to steal back his obsidian mirror. He removes the mirror from the case, and he and the Raven escape as the alarms are set off and the guards arrive in the room.

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