Edie's stepfather is a character in the Stoneheart Trilogy. He took custody of Edie Laemmel after the girl's mother died. Although he does not appear in person, he is still an important character, being a key part in Edie's past.


Edie's stepfather spent a lot of time at his beach shack where he liked to drink. After Edie's mother died, Edie was put in the care of her stepfather, who began to take the girl to the shack with him.

When she entered the shack one day, she touched its side and glinted something that terrified her. She tried to run away, but her stepfather grabbed her. She managed to escape across the beach, and her stepfather pursued, with a large smile on his face and a knife in one hand. After a train conductor failed to notice that Edie was in danger, Edie's stepfather caught up to her. Edie, in fear, struck her stepfather in the head with a large rock. He was killed by the blow, and Edie left his body behind and fled to the city of London.

Role In PlotEdit

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