George's mother is a character in the Stoneheart Trilogy. She is the mother of George Chapman, the series' protagonist.

Role In PlotEdit

George's mother is hardly heard from in the books. Her relationship with George appears to be very distant and detached. She often has to leave for auditions, and when this happens, she puts George in the care of Kay, a friend of hers and and their neighbor in the lower flat.

The relationship between George and his mother has been distant since George's father left and then died in a car crash. Before then, the family appeared to have been happy. The parents loved each other very much; George's father, being a sclulptor, even made a bronze bust of George's mother to put in their home.


When George returns to the apartment after the incident at Temple Bar, he calls his mother. However, she sounds very distracted when she picks up the phone, and she is in a large group of people. She asks George if he is all right and, not wanting to worry her, George lies and says that he is fine.