Kay is one of the few humans seen in the Stoneheart Trilogy. In the story, she is George Chapman's babysitter. Another actress, Kay is an old friend of George's mother, and she lives in the apartment below George's.


Kay is assumed by George's mother to be a responsible babysitter. But although Kay is supposed to "keep an eye" on George, she seems to be often preoccupied with guests at her apartment or yoga exercises. She and George's mother put a baby monitor in each apartment, to George's embarassment.

Despite the fact that Kay does not always take care of George, she still appears as a generally kind-hearted person, and she seems to care about George. She offers him tea whenever they talk on the phone, and she always asks if he is okay.

Role In PlotEdit


Kay calls George on the apartment phone when George returns to his apartment. However, knowing that sharing his ordeal with the statues will not help anything, George chooses to hide the truth about what happened to him from Kay and his mother. Kay asks if he is okay, and he lies and says he is fine.

Later, when the Walker enters George's apartment, he meets two of Kay's friends going up to her apartment room. In the elevator, he mentions to the young couple that they "forgot the wine," which causes them to become unhappy and leave the apartment to buy some wine. This is humorous to the Walker, who actually stole their bottle from them. Despite the Walker's presence in the apartment, as well as that of Edie, Kay does not notice that anything is unusual.