Makers, also known as Ironhands, are a group of humans with a special talent for sculpting rock or metal. Many makers become sculptors and create statues, both spit and taint.

History Edit

Makers first gained the ability to shape rock or metal after the blood sacrifice to appease the London Stone that resulted in the unfortuate death of the Chief Maker's son. Since then, makers have made hundreds of thousands of sculptures that can be found in every major city on the planet.

Skills Edit

Makers have a unique talent for sculpting rock or metal to create statues. This also extends to other materials - George Chapman was able to create a bullet from a bit of plasticiene he had in his pocket. Makers who have been marked - having the mark of a maker, which looks a bit like a lightning bolt - can also mend or mar existing statues, such as George bending the Last Knight's lance or fixing Spout's wing. It is unknown if the term Ironhand is used to refer to a maker who has been marked or not.