Mr. Killingbeck is George Chapman's teacher. He accompanies George and his classmates on their field trip to the Natural History Museum. He has an obvious hatred towards George, as he immedietely (and wrongly) accuses George of knocking down an exhibit.


Mr. Killingbeck is described as having bony fingers and thick gray hair.


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Role In PlotEdit

Mr. Killingbeck accuses George of knocking down a marble stand in the museum, although it was another boy's fault. When Killingbeck pulls George aside from the other kids, he demands an apology from George, even though it was not George's fault that the marble stand fell over. He even calls George "uncivilized" and says that George displayed "moral cowardice and dumb isolence", which further shows his contempt for him.

George, in return, hates Killingbeck. He does not appear to be afraid of his teacher, and he defies Killingbeck's instructions and leaves the room that he was supposed to stay in. After George leaves the museum, Killingbeck is no longer seen.


  • Killingbeck is said to have the same intimidating stare that the Sphinxes have.