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The Temple Bar Dragon

The Temple Bar Dragon is a character in the Stoneheart Trilogy. It is a statue from the Temple Bar Gateway in London. The Dragon's job is to protect the city from danger, which was the purpose of the original Temple Bar, a former gate in the city.


The Temple Bar Dragon was a part of the new Temple Bar Gateway. It was created by Charles Bell Birch in 1880. It was made as a symbol of the city's heraldry and the protection of the city from any enemies.


The Temple Bar Dragon looks much like a typical folkloric European dragon. It has a muscular leonine body and thick scales that act like chain mail (they were strong enough to block bullets from the Gunner's revolver). Like many dragons it has wings, dagger-like claws, and sharp fangs. It also has a spiny whip-like tail and pricked-up ears. Its glowing eyes have a sort of paralyzing effect; the Dragon froze George and Edie in one spot by simply looking at them. Attached to its plinth is a metal shield, which it carries with it.


The Temple Bar Dragon is a powerful taint, more so than the other dragon statues in the city. It can breathe white-hot flames to burn its enemies, and it can also use its claws and its whip-like tail in combat. The Dragon is shown to move easily both in the air and on the ground.

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The Temple Bar Dragon on the front cover of Stoneheart

Role In PlotEdit

Stoneheart Edit

When George and the others first meet the Temple Bar Dragon, the taint paralyzes George and Edie with its eyes. The taint shoots fire at them, but they are protected by the Gunner for some time. The Dragon traps George in a circle of fire, and it scars George's hand with its claws, branding him as a maker. Before it can do anything further, however, the Gunner manages to wrestle the Dragon away from George using his horse bridle. This gives George and Edie a chance to escape.


Although the Dragon does not appear in Ironhand, the scar that it made on George's arm sprouts three veins; one of marble, one of bronze, and one of stone. To carry out the Hard Way, George is forced to take part in three duels. Only by completing these duels can he stop the veins from killing him.

Silvertongue Edit

The Temple Bar Dragon appears in Silvertongue as a protagonist after Dictionary and the Railwayman battle the City Dragons. It explains that it did not answer the call of the Darkness because its purpose is to defend the city.


  • Ironically, the Dragon is sometimes referred to as a griffin, another mythical animal. The statue is actually named Griffin, despite its obvious dragon-like appearance.
  • "Snakey" is the nickname that the Gunner gives to the Dragon.