The Fusilier

The Fusilier is a spit that George and Edie meet in Stoneheart. He is sent by the Gunner to protect the children, and he saves the two of them from the Grid Man. He is a real life statue and a part of the Royal Fusiliers Memorial in High Holborn, London.


The Fusilier is the bronze statue of a soldier. He wears a tin hat and a backpack, and he carries a bayonet with him. He is light and wiry in stature, as compared to the thicker-set Gunner. When not moving on his plinth, he stands facing west with one foot resting on a rock. He speaks with a thin Cockney voice.

Role In PlotEdit


The Fusilier first appears on the Royal Fusiliers Memorial, not moving or responding to George and Edie's presence. It is only after the Grid Man grabs Edie and moves towards George that the Fusilier comes to life. He rushes in and stabs the Grid Man with his bayonet after the taint refused to release Edie from his grasp. He then avoids the Grid Man's rotating attack and incapacitates him with three shots from his rifle. He finishes of the taint with a final shot, and then kills the Raven before the bird can escape.

The Fusilier then takes George and Edie to a safe place to rest: the church St. Dunstan's in the West on Fleet Street. From here, he returns to his plinth, since the turn of day has almost come. This church is where the children meet the Clocker.

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The Fusilier statue covered in dragons (illustration from Charlie Fletcher's Dragon Shield)