The Herculeses

The Herculeses are a pair of spits from the church of St. Dunstan in the West in the city of London. They stand watch in front of the Impossible Door and ring the two bells hanging above them.


The Herculeses are two statues that stand ready to ring the pair of bells on he outside of the church. They are described as portly bearded men wearing only animal skins on their midriffs. Each holds a club in his hand. George refers to them as the Herculeses because they resemble the Greek hero he learned about in geography class.


One of the Herculeses up-close

Role In PlotEdit

In Stoneheart, the Fusilier takes George and Edie to St. Dunstan in the West so that they can rest. The Herculeses help George and Edie to reach the Impossible Door, and then they allow the children to enter the church.


  • Other characters seem to have difficulty understanding what the Herculeses say. One Hercules speaks to George, Edie and the Fusilier, but his speech is described as having "lots of consonants and too few vowels." When George asks the Fusilier what the Hercules is saying, the Fusilier replies with "Blowed if I know. It's all Greek to me."