The Last Knight

The Last Knight, also sometimes known as the Cnihtengild, is a statue in the Stoneheart Trilogy. The Knight appears in Ironhand as the one of the statues making sure that George Chapman carries out his three duels. He later becomes a host for the Darkness in Silvertongue and becomes the Dark Knight.


The Last Knight is a statue titled The Cnihtengild. The statue was dedicated to the area of Devonshire Square in 1990 by its artist, Denys Mitchell. In history, the area was used by knights for dueling and for testing weapons; it also has a connection with King Edgar I.


The Last Knight appears as an armored figure, hollow on the inside, riding a horse.

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The Last Knight speaks in a formal way that may be compared to the speaking style of knights of the Middle Ages. He is bound by his duty and he is honorable and chivalrous by nature. However, he is brutal and merciless in combat.

The Knight is known for his chivalrous ways, and he is very human-like in appearance; these features indicate that he is a spit. However, because of his hollow, empty body (which shows his incompleteness) and the attacks that he carries out on George, the true nature of the statue is debatable.

Role In PlotEdit

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The Last Knight on the front cover of Ironhand


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