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The Officer

The Officer
is a spit that rests at the Royal Artillery Memorial in Hyde Park. He is one of the four bronze statues that make up the memorial; the Gunner is another in this group.


Like the other three statues nearby, the Officer is made to look like a soldier. He resembles a mustached man in a soldier's uniform, which includes the circular hat, the coat, and the boots. When he is resting, he stands on the Royal Artillery Memorial facing towards Buckingham Palace Gardens. He carries a coat folded over his hands, which he holds together in front of him when he is not moving. He is said to have a blank face that has little expression to it.


The Officer is shown to care for his fellow soldiers, the Gunner included. This is shown when he rescues the Gunner after the latter collapses by the river on his way back to his plinth. The Officer is also possibly impatient; he frequently checks his watch when waiting, and he has a habit of sucking in air through his teeth to pass time.

Role In PlotEdit


The Officer is first seen waiting for the Gunner to return to his plinth. He checks his wristwatch when doing this, obviously concerned about whether or not the Gunner will be able to return before turn of day.

It is the Officer who finds the Gunner and carries him back to his plinth. Because of this, the Gunner is able to set out the next day to find George and Edie again.


The Officer takes on a more active role in Ironhand. He is standing guard at the Royal Artillery Memorial when George returns here. He informs George that the only way that the Gunner can survive the night is if somebody takes his place on his plinth.

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