The pterodactyl

The pterodactyl is a character in the Stoneheart Trilogy, and it plays the role of a taint at the Natural History Museum in London. Along with the salalanders, it is on of the first taints that George Chapman encounters in Stoneheart.


The pterodactyl has a heavy toothed beak attached to a small head. Its eyes are unblinking, and they act similar to the way a hawk's would when hunting. The taint has a pair of large batlike wings and legs with taloned feet.

Role In PlotEdit


The pterodactyl starts to move and removes itself from the museum after George breaks the dragon head off of the wall. It then chases George through the streets, alongside the salamanders. Nobody else can see the pterodactyl, and this scares George. George is chased by the taint the way to the Royal Artillery Memorial.

Seemingly having George cornered, the pterodactyl rears back and prepares to strike. Before it can attack, though, it is shot by the Gunner who appears from the memorial. A total of six shots are what it takes to destroy the taint.