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One of the Queen's daughters

The Queen's daughters are two spits that are the daughters of the Red Queen. Along with their mother, they are a part of the Boadicea statue near the Westminster Bridge in London.


The Queen's daughters are said to resemble their mother, sharing her "intense" appearance. In real-life, their dresses hang low around their waists, their upper bodies being bare. They crouch in the chariot on either side of the Queen when the statue is not moving.


The Queen's daughters appear to be calm and cool-headed, seeming far more collected than their mother. They sometimes have to help her to stay calm when she becomes angry. They are usually silent, but they have the same fierceness that the Queen has.

The two daughters are loyal to their mother and will help her with whatever she needs. They share the Queen's lack of confidence in the abilities of men.

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The two daughters next to the Queen

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