Cleopatra's Needle (London) sphinx 2

One of the Sphinxes

"Them Sphinxes, half-human, half-animal? . . . well, they're something in between: half-taint, half-spit. Get on the wrong side of them, it could go either way." The Gunner describing the Sphinxes

The Sphinxes are two statues that George, Edie and the Gunner meet at Cleopatra's Needle. They are classified as neither a spit or taint; instead they are half-spit and half-taint. They are very knowledgeable, but can be enigmatic at times, and they never give direct answers when someone asks them a question. They prefer to give a riddle as an answer. Also, they will not give an answer to somebody unless that person answers one of their own riddles/enigma



Holes in the not-so-nice sphinx

The Sphinxes are known as being very enigmatic statues. Dictionary does not like them because he says they never give a straight answer and if people ask them for help, they will be more confused than they were before. This seems to be partially true for George; when he left them he did not know anything about the Stone Heart, and he did not know the definition of a "shaveling".

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One of the Sphinxes on the cover of Silvertongue

The two statues are almost identical in looks, but one of the Sphinxes appears to be nicer than the other. Despite this, they both remain equally enigmatic, and at times unhelpful. They hate the rain, they don't like their obelisk to be called Cleopatra's Needle for some reason, and they don't appear to like glints, as they cower back when Edie draws closer to them. Even though they don't appear to enjoy helping others, they hold true to their word if somebody answers their riddle correctly. Also, they both share a love for riddles and words with more than one meaning.

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