The Tallyman is a being that can see across the city of London through its many eyes, or, the eyes of weak, drunken and homeless citizens. The Tallyman is recruited to help the Walker and the Raven in their search for George and Edie.


The Tallyman can appear in many forms, in the body of either a man or a woman, usually homeless or poor. The people appear to be ragged in dress and tired and defeated in appearance. Some may carry alcohol with them as well. The most notable similarity between these people is that they all have blank, dark eyes, similar to the eyes of the Raven.

Interestingly, because so many citizens serve as the Tallyman's eyes, the people always refer to the Tallyman in plural, saying "We are the Tallyman."


The Tallyman speaks in a monotone, uninterested voice. When it has to repeat a sentence, it says the words in the exact tone as if replayed in a recording. Because its only purpose is to watch and count, the Tallyman does not chase. It sounds casual and uninterested when speaking.

Role In PlotEdit


Not knowing where the Walker is, and knowing that it needs to find the children, the Raven flies to a homeless man in a square and clacks into his ear. By doing so, the bird awakens all of the eyes of the Tallyman across the city.

The Tallyman counts George as he is first taken into the air by Spout and carried away.

Later, Edie is about to cross a street when a homeless man mentions something about a glint at Puddle Dock. She asks the man who he is, and he answers with "We are the Tallyman." Getting a bad feeling from him, and intimidated by his dark eyes and the fact that he was "counting" her, Edie ran from the man.

Two shadowy figures, who Edie recognizes as the Tallyman, later appear outside of the Black Friar's pub when Edie is visiting. In between the two of them is the Walker. Little Tragedy brings Edie into the pub's mirror, claiming that he is bringing her to a place where the Tallyman cannot find her.

The Tallyman watches George as he leaves the Euston Mob in order to return to and stand on the Gunner's plinth. George is also seen by the Tallyman as he stands on the plinth at the Royal Artillery Memorial, but George does not notice that he is being watched.

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Trivia Edit

  • A tallyman is anybody who keeps numerical records. This can be of votes, people, or anything else.
  • The Tallyman is not dissimilar to the Agents of The Matrix franchise. Both are nearly omnipresent, as they can possess ordinary humans, and in doing so they can see through their eyes. This gives them nearly unlimited view throughout their city.