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The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier is a spit that appears as a character in the Stoneheart Trilogy. He is a real-life statue and, along with the Gunner and the Officer, is one of the four soldiers that are part of the Royal Artillery Memorial in London.


The Unknown Soldier appears as a bronze soldier lying on the Royal Artillery Memorial. He is always seen lying down, with his face covered.

Role In PlotEdit


Although he does not move, as he is a dead statue, the Unknown Soldier still plays an important role in the story; being "unknown," he can appear as anybody in the eyes of the one who stands on the Memorial's plinth at midnight.

In Ironhand, the Unknown Soldier appears before George during one of his duels, when he stands in the Gunner's place on the Memorial. In the vision, though, he appears as George's father. This is because the Unknown Soldier can be anybody, since his face is covered.

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